The 8 best CES 2019 headphone innovations

Continuing to study the latest technology presented at CES 2019, you and I finally got to the headphone category. Naturally, here we have listed only the most interesting models in our opinion, which can really surprise with their various features.

Throughout the entire CES 2019 exhibition, held in Las Vegas in January, users saw many new products in the audio technology category, among which headphones were not the last. And the assortment was, as always, impressively wide, ranging from massive and powerful overhead and full-sized models that could block the penetration of noise from the outside world, to waterproof liners, perfect for training and sports. Simply put, the beginning of this year was marked by many interesting new products in the field of consumer technology and electronics.

Despite the fact that, of course, every lover of high-quality sound will immediately find a favourite among the indicated models, there were really a lot of amazing new products, both among wireless and wired models from such well-known manufacturers in this category as Audio-Technica and Klipsch. In turn, we decided to choose some of the most interesting new products that we want to draw your attention to this small selection. As usual, it is copyright; in addition, there is a possibility that by the time some of the models go out, their parameters, albeit not significantly, can change. However, let's get started.

Audio-Technica Sound Reality ATH-CKR7TW

As we have already mentioned, the Audio-Technica brand is very popular in this category, and it has a huge experience in producing wonderful and high-quality headphones. Surely you have already guessed that Audio-Technica Sound Reality ATH-CKR7TW was no exception. They belong to the category of full-fledged wireless headphones and have a rather ergonomic design, thanks to which they are reliably located in the ears. Despite their small size, the headphones also received convenient control keys that allow you to answer incoming calls, play music and adjust the volume. From a technical point of view, the headphones turned out to be no less impressive, having received high-quality components that greatly improve the sound in general, offering a quality user experience.

In terms of battery life, this new product offers up to six hours of music playback without recharging, and the supplied storage and carrying case, which has a built-in battery, will provide another nine hours, which is quite a decent indicator for modern wireless headphones. As for the cost, according to preliminary data, they will cost about 17,000 rubles, but the exact date of the start of sales is still unknown.

Under armour flash

No less surprising new thing for everyone is the Under Armor FLASH wireless headphones. It is clear that those who are familiar with this brand were really impressed. Well, for those who are not in the know, it is worth explaining that Under Armor is a fairly popular brand of sportswear, which now, apparently, decided to conquer the market of wearable gadgets, and in particular headphones. According to the brand, this new product was created by "runners for runners", which means their reliable placement in the ear and other related features. One of them, for example, is the IPX7's moisture resistance, which makes them ideal for resisting sweat during intense training or running in rainy weather.

As for autonomy, it involves about five hours, which, in principle, should be sufficient for most cases. And a complete case with a battery will provide about 20 additional hours. In terms of sound, they should also please their future owners, since this novelty was developed by the JBL company, no less popular in the audio equipment category. Power bass is also contemplated. No information has yet been received about the distribution of this model in the vastness of the domestic market, although it will probably find a way to get there. But the declared value is an average of 12,000 rubles.

Audio Technica Sonic Sport ATH-SPORT7TW

The fact that most of the headphones presented at the exhibition are new to the Audio Technica brand is not very surprising, and therefore we want to draw your attention to the next model of the company - Audio Technica Sonic Sport ATH-SPORT7TW. This is another wireless headphone that was created for fitness enthusiasts. Of course, they are aimed at providing exceptionally true high-quality sound wirelessly, and the design, which received not too great differences from the previous model in the line, offers reliable mount, built-in microphone and convenient touch controls. They are also IPX5 certified, which means they are resistant to sweat and rain.

Among the useful functionality, it is worth noting the ability to listen to the environment, which you can turn on to hear ambient sounds for safer use on the street. The maximum operating time on a single charge for this model is 3.5 hours, and the battery life in the case reaches 14 hours. This model is already available for purchase on the open spaces of the domestic market, and today its average cost is at around 17,000 rubles.

Klipsch t5

The last model among the presented completely wireless in-ear headphones that caught our attention was the Klipsch T5, which may not look like something ultra-modern, yet provide high-quality sound, which is the main factor. Despite the fact that their design is slightly different from other models of this type, the headphones are very comfortable in the ears, providing fairly good noise isolation and powerful bass. The new line of the company introduced four new models of headphones, one of which was this new product, which, according to the company, is able to provide about 8 hours of battery life on a single charge.

As for the start of sales, the company also states that the new products will be available for purchase in the next couple of months, but there is no information on whether they will be distributed in all territories. There are no concrete cost indications for each of the new products in the brand line, although, again, there is not much time to wait.

Creative SXFI Air

Undoubtedly, in just a couple of years, three-dimensional sound technology will become the most common innovation in the field of audio technology. Above its qualitative implementation of many companies operate, among which were marked and Dolby, and Audeze, and themselves the Creative, which announced it back in the last year under the name of Super X-Fi, has raised it to the next level, presenting to the public full-size wireless headphones Creative SXFI Air. Thanks to the creation of immersive sound, this new product can reproduce a sound stage like a full-fledged surround sound system directly on your head.

Speaking frankly, for the future of audio technology, this is a bold step that opens up a host of new perspectives and sensations, so most users will surely like this model. However, all the pros and cons of the new product we have yet to learn and identify, as it has not yet appeared on sale. But the approximate initial cost is already known, and it is about 14,000 rubles.

Technics EAH-F70N

With the mere mention of the Technics brand, lovers of quality music may have thought of high-quality vinyl players from this manufacturer. However, at CES 2019, the company decided to introduce new headphone models, one of which was the full-size Technics EAH-F70N. Naturally, before that, the company had already managed to mark itself with several good models, and the new products only continued the lineup, albeit so far not big. The model considered in a specific case refers to more premium offers, uses the "hybrid active noise reduction" function, which uses microphones, providing three different levels of suppression of external noise.

It also has the functionality already encountered in previous innovations, called in this case "Ambient Sound Enhancer", which when activated allows certain sounds to penetrate from the outside, ensuring that you are on the alert. At the moment, no specific information regarding the debut of new products, nor their prices have been announced, but you can expect that the latter will correspond to modern models of full-size headphones with active noise reduction.

Audio Technica ATH-ANC900BT

And again, the next model of Audio Technica is presented to your attention, though in this case Audio Technica ATH-ANC900BT, as you may have guessed, are full-size headphones that offer a really impressive sound that you usually expect from headphones of this type (also from a well-known brand). Just like the rest of the models, this new product belongs to the category of Bluetooth headphones and offers amazing autonomy, up to 60 hours on a single charge. Using built-in microphones, these headphones also provide three default noise-cancelling levels, including aeroplane mode. By the way, you will also get the opportunity to fine-tune the settings using the Audio-Technica Connect application for iOS and Android, which allows you to adjust the level of noise reduction to the desired.

Despite the serious indicators of battery life, it should be borne in mind that with noise reduction turned on. They can be reduced to 35 hours. Externally, the novelty looks quite simple and at the same time attractive, having a convenient design and relatively low weight. The expected cost of new headphones will be about 21,000 rubles, and on sale, they are expected in March.

Jabra Elite 85h

Well, the latest CES 2019 on our list is the full-size Jabra Elite 85h wireless headphones. They were specially designed to facilitate sound settings on the go, which works thanks to Audeering technology, a sound analysis company, in the process of which the AI ​​uses eight microphones to analyze the environment and select the most optimal sound configurations. In other words, these headphones automatically adapt to the noise surrounding you, switching between Commute, In Public, and In Private modes to offer individual sound, and also use six microphones to provide active noise cancellation.

According to the company, all owners of this new product also expect 32 hours of battery life, which makes them a great option for long trips or flights. The only drawback noted during the exhibition was their relatively large weight. However, by the time they are released, which is expected in April, everything can change for the better. The preliminary price of the new items will be approximately 21,000 rubles, as is the case with the previous offer.

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