Choosing a wireless computer mouse: TOP 10 best models in 2019

Wireless computer mice are quite convenient, and at the same time very popular, which gives us the opportunity to observe a very wide range of models that are improving from year to year. And today we decided to introduce some of the best of them at the end of winter 2019.

Despite the type of activity that you do at the computer or laptop, many users will probably agree that interacting with the mouse is much more convenient than, for example, with the same touchpad. Of course, the situations themselves are different, so for all, an ideal solution may not exist. However, the category of wireless computer mice is widely popular among a large number of users, and therefore there are plenty of models on the modern market. And today we decided to put together in one small rating list some of the best offers of this category among the current ones. But first, let's take a quick look at the three most important features of wireless mice that you should consider before buying.

Form factor
It is clear that modern computer mice come in many different forms, designed for various purposes, one of which, of course, is convenience. Many wireless models are made specifically for people who sit for a long time at a computer and need maximum autonomy, portability or silence. Some of them are also designed for left-handed people, although there are much more convenient two-way options. The latter, of course, can be used equally by any user, which makes them popular among corporations and educational institutions, where left-handed or right-handed people can use the same mouse at different times.
From the point of view of ergonomics, mice come in many forms and are mostly designed for comfort. Some are equipped with a "stand" for the thumb. Others have fancy curved shapes that match the natural movements of your hand. In addition to the shape of the mouse, mouse design can also play an important role in ease of capture. Finding a good mouse compatible with your type of grip will provide a more comfortable interaction over a long period of time without causing tension in your wrist or fingers.

Mice can also have various buttons, the main of which are of course the left and right. Almost all of them are equipped with a scroll wheel, which is also classified as a button. However, the speech in this case is that today most of the modern models have additional buttons, allowing you to program them. The most common among them is the "forward" and "back" buttons, located in the area of ​​the place for the thumb, which in some cases (if provided by the mouse itself) can be reprogrammed to perform various tasks depending on your preferences.
Some gaming mice in this area may even have up to 12 additional buttons that can be used to activate various skills and more. Of course, you, in turn, may not need any of these additional buttons. And if your budget limits you from thinking about additional features, there are many simpler options that will also perform their basic tasks well.

One of the most important parameters of wireless mice is the batteries, but their type and the overall life will depend on the intensity and frequency of daily use of the mouse. Most wireless mice in the vast market have a satisfactory life. Nevertheless, the autonomy indicators themselves will also differ, both from the category of the purpose of the mouse and from its cost. For example, if you are a gamer looking for a wireless mouse, autonomy should be a priority for you, because due to the expanded functionality of mice in this category (like RGB-backlighting), they usually discharge much faster.
Nevertheless, a good wireless mouse should withstand even the longest gaming or working sessions without recharging. Some truth comes with a quick charge cable that you can easily plugin if the battery runs out. And the presence of such a feature will allow you not to worry about the fact that the mouse is discharged at the most crucial or tense moment.

Oklick 525MW

Our list is opened out of the habit of the model from the opposite, budget end of the price range, one of which was the compact wireless mouse Oklick 525MW. This is quite a simple model with the usual design and forms, which does not have any additional keys, and is great for use with both hands. It is connected using a USB adapter, and in terms of wireless connection, in this case, a radio channel acts. As a power source for this model, there is one AA battery, so it's simply not possible to talk about any exact indicators of battery life. It will work until the battery runs out.

The resolution of the optical sensor for this LED mouse is 1,000 dpi, so it's hard to say how it will show itself in the gameplay. True, due to this and its small size, it is hardly suitable for competitive games. Well, as for the cost, it is in the region of only 300 rubles on average.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse Youth Edition

Next in line, we have another very inexpensive, but no less reliable Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse Youth Edition wireless mouse. And here, many immediately understand everything, since this Chinese company gained wide fame precisely because it produces high-quality products not only of the premium class. Even its budget solutions are distinguished by good components and a decent assembly, which is confirmed once again by this mouse. Like other models in this brand line, she received a concise appearance, which is a feature of many Xiaomi products , as well as a completely ergonomic design.

It is also relatively small, has four keys at its disposal and works via a radio channel, whose radius of action is about 10 meters. It is quite light and convenient, and the resolution of the optical sensor is 1,200 dpi. In terms of cost, this mouse is also quite affordable and will cost about 900 rubles.

Perfeo PF-3824-WOP

Among other interesting innovations in the budget segment of wireless mice, the Perfeo PF-3824-WOP model is worthy of attention, which, in principle, is no different from simple and convenient computer mice. Nothing, except that her body received a textile finish, causing a very pleasant tactile sensation from use. The rest is a completely symmetrical two-way mouse with four buttons and an optical sensor. It works, like the other models presented earlier, over the air, and one of the features is the ability to switch resolutions at 800/1 200/1 600 dpi.

It is also nice that this model provides several colours to choose from: standard grey and dark grey (close to black), burgundy and jeans, which look very interesting due to textiles. The price tag for this new product is about 1,250 rubles at the moment.

Logitech M238 Fan Collection

If you are a soccer fan and root for a particular team or country as a whole, then the Logitech M238 Fan Collection mouse range will give you the opportunity to express your love for them. This new product is a compact two-way wireless mouse with a very ergonomic body, which is stylized to match the colours of the teams of one of the countries in the lineup. Among the latter, you can find Germany, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Spain and Australia. Otherwise, besides such a pleasant design solution, the mice of this line will not surprise you with anything special.

They are quite ordinary, executed efficiently and effectively cope with their direct responsibilities. The resolution of the optical sensor, in this case, is 1000 dpi, and its keys are 3. In terms of cost, you can expect an average price tag of 1,500 rubles, which is acceptable in principle.

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500

A good representative of high-quality wireless computer mice is the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 model, which is made in a rather simple and concise design. It is clear that until recently, the world-famous corporation was not engaged in the production of such products, but who else but the creators of one of the most common computer OSs should know about the convenience and importance of using a mouse. That is why they were able to present a good medium-budget product that meets the basic needs of users. The intended purpose of this mouse is laptops. However, it will work just as well with stationary PCs.

Of the shortcomings of this model, one can objectively note only that the radius of the radio channel here is 5 meters, instead of the more familiar 10. But in general, for an average cost of 1,500 rubles, you get a completely ordinary, two-sided, convenient and high-quality wireless mouse from Microsoft.

A4Tech Bloody Warrior RT7

Real gamers rarely choose wireless mice due to various functional features. However, if you are not an e-sportsman and like to play for your own pleasure, then the A4Tech Bloody Warrior RT7 model can definitely catch your attention. This model is a wireless gaming mouse, which is already clear from a glance at its design. It is made in the usual style for this category of mice, which makes it very convenient for continuous use. It is intended, of course, for the right hand and has eight keys, 7 of which are programmable.

In addition to the fact that the appearance of this model speaks of belonging to gaming computer mice, this is also confirmed from a technical point of view, since the resolution of the optical sensor, in this case, is as much as 8,200 dpi, which is certainly no comparison with the previous options. With all this, the average cost of a mouse remains at a rather acceptable level of 2,500 rubles.

Logitech M590

On the other hand, if you are not an avid game enthusiast, let and occasionally spend time in your favourite projects, you may need a simpler, more reliable mouse, which the Logitech M590 model just seems to be. Despite its laconic appearance, this mouse is made really high quality and comfortable to use. It is designed for the right hand, and Bluetooth is used as a wireless connection, which is already slightly more pleasantly affecting its work as a whole. Otherwise, this is the same simple mouse, except that there are slightly more keys (for a total of 7).

True, it is worth noting the silent keystroke, which is definitely an advantage in many situations. There is also the possibility of horizontal scrolling if, for someone, it will be important. Well, the price tag here is already a little more serious, averaging about 3,100 rubles.

Razer atheris

The third line of our ranking of the best wireless mice this time went to another game model, namely the Razer Atheris. And many of the users are probably familiar with this brand due to their interesting solutions in the areas of computer accessories and peripherals designed exclusively for gamers. This mouse is made really high quality, although, in appearance, it does not immediately say that it is gaming. Nevertheless, it is most convenient to hold it in your hand and even more convenient to operate it, while it does not even cause any discomfort from a long game. Simply put, the company's engineers definitely know and love their job.

However, for multiplayer role-playing games, this model may not be the best, because, despite the resolution of 7,200 dpi, it does not have any additional keys. There are only 6 of them, and you can only program 5, which may not be enough. The average current price of this model is 4,500 rubles.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

The runner-up Apple Magic Mouse 2 wireless mouse is definitely capable of attracting the attention of users who like stylish things or prefer Apple products, and therefore it's simply impossible to ignore. It is clear that, like any other product of the company, this mouse has a stylish and ergonomic design, being quite light and compact. Its optical sensor responds quickly to movements and allows you to adjust the sensitivity and tracking in the system settings of the mouse on the corresponding Mac devices. Like many models on this list, the mouse received a two-sided design that allows it to be used by both left-handed and right-handed people.

Please note that this model has a touch surface for scrolling web pages or documents, which can be a little unusual for users who are used to the wheel. Nevertheless, this is a very convenient wireless mouse, which users of the "apple" technology should definitely have. And it will cost about 7,600 rubles.

Logitech g pro

In the event that you are not one, preferring Apple to other brands, then the best option among wireless computer mice may be Logitech G Pro, which has become the leader in this rating list. Despite the fact that she looks pretty simple in appearance, she will surely have something to surprise you with. What is the resolution of the optical sensor alone, amounting to 16,000 dpi? Yes, this laser mouse with great confidence will justify itself not only in surfing the World Wide Web but also in a rich action game, quickly and accurately responding to all your actions. There is even RGB-backlight technology Lightsync, which is so loved by many gamers.

But at first glance, you won't say that you have such a high-quality and interesting gaming mouse, which this model is. Unless the buttons, which in this case are 5, may not be enough for all gamers. Well, its price at the moment is 9,350 rubles on average.
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