Choosing a manual vacuum cleaner for the home: TOP 5 best models at the beginning of 2019

If you do not want to arrange one-time intensive cleanings, cleaning out a huge amount of garbage, then it is best to carry out easy daily maintenance of cleanliness. And compact and portable handheld vacuum cleaners can help you with this. Today we'll talk about how to choose the best model among the relevant ones.

A handheld vacuum cleaner is a very compact and fairly lightweight type of cleaning equipment that is usually powered by a battery. It is designed for use with standard vacuum cleaners but in more inaccessible places. Of course, models from the manual category are ideal for cleaning rooms where a vertical vacuum cleaner may simply be too big or heavy to use. They are even more convenient to use when the large vacuum cleaner has a power cord of insufficient length.

One of the most common areas in which you can use a handheld vacuum cleaner is stairs and a car interior, but absolutely nothing will prevent you from using it in an apartment (or house). It is clear that for large volumes of intensive cleaning, these compact models will not work, but with their help, you can effectively maintain daily cleanliness without resorting to using a heavier counterpart. Of course, choosing the appropriate option, in this case, can also be difficult, and therefore we decided to draw your attention to several key aspects, to some extent, important for making a decision. And you will find here some of the best models among the current ones.

Type of vacuum cleaner

The first and most obvious feature when choosing a handheld vacuum cleaner is, oddly enough, its type. And there are two of them. The most interesting thing is that they are classified according to the principle of the presence (or, of course, absence) of the power cord. Thus, you should decide whether you want a wired handheld vacuum cleaner or a cordless one. Naturally, each of them, even in this case, will have its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the final decision will depend on where exactly you are going to use the vacuum cleaner. For example, if you want to use it to clean hard-to-reach spots and, periodically, the inside of the car, then the wired model may be less convenient. At least if in the latter case it is not designed for connection to the cigarette lighter. In general, these nuances are definitely worth considering.


If you settled on the option that is powered by a rechargeable battery, then you should definitely pay attention to its indicators, among which you should be most interested in the battery life of the model you are looking for. By the way, it is important to understand that the best among modern versions of cordless handheld vacuum cleaners can provide autonomy for more than 30 minutes. The time taken to charge the battery fully should also be considered. And here it is clear that the most suitable option would be that model that will combine good autonomy with the shortest recharge time. After all, the more time it takes, the more you have to wait before completing the next task regarding cleaning. It will also be nice to have a model that somehow will notify you at those moments

The weight
A handheld vacuum cleaner should be lightweight, which in principle is logical for any element of portable equipment. In addition, it is the lightweight that is one of the main reasons why most people prefer to use it instead of standard large models. It is clear that there is no universal weight standard for handheld vacuum cleaners, and in this regard, they will also differ. For most modern models present on the domestic market, the weight range is from 0.7 kg to 2.3 kg. However, most of them weigh on average, about 1.5 kg. It's all about quality, because lightweight is, of course, good, but an ultra-light model will not always be distinguished by high reliability and high-quality materials.

Dust collector

The amount of dust that portable handheld vacuum cleaners can collect also varies by model. It is logical that in this case, the best option would be the choice of a vacuum cleaner with the largest capacity. And this, by the way, is directly related to the comfort and efficiency of cleaning, since the larger the capacity of the dust collector, the longer you can use the vacuum cleaner without having to empty it. She, by the way, for most of the models is usually about 0.5 litres, which may be enough for a little cleaning. Also pay attention to whether the dust collector is easily emptied, as this may be useful in the process.

Useful accessories in the form of additional nozzles needed for your handheld vacuum cleaner usually depend on your needs. They can be very different, such as a pipe, which is usually used for cleaning in inaccessible places like the inside of a car. If you are going to clean, say, stairways, then with a high degree of probability, you can use nozzles for cleaning crevices. Well, a nozzle for carpets will be the best option to maintain cleanliness on the carpet. Simply put, pay attention to the configuration of the model you are looking for, as well as whether it is able to support additional accessories that simplify the cleaning process.

Easy operation and maintenance

Well, and you should not forget to note how easy it is to deal with one or another model. This should be a key factor before making the final decision since you probably will not want to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner that is uncomfortable and quickly tires. To understand how easy and easy it will be to operate, just take it in your hand. It is then that you can decide how convenient it is. It is also important to pay attention to the location of the vacuum cleaner controls, which should also be ergonomic, as this will provide you with quick cleaning without much effort. Maintenance is also a key factor, and you definitely need a model that will be extremely reliable. As we already noted, emptying the dust box should be quick and easy,

TOP 5 best handheld vacuum cleaners at the beginning of 2019

From the above information, it becomes clear that the choice of a manual vacuum cleaner is largely determined by your personal needs. You should always consider all of the above in order to make a reasonable purchase. Of course, you will need a suitable model that will be able to make cleaning comfortable and effective and even in a short time. And it can offer some of the best current market models, which we look at below.


And our small list of the best handheld vacuum cleaners opens with a very interesting BLACK + DECKER NV1200AV model in terms of price and quality. It is a completely compact vacuum cleaner for simple, not the most intensive use, which you can take with you anywhere in the world. This is an excellent choice for quick cleaning at any time of the day, especially if the thought of a long and intensive cleaning makes you even not want to do this. With the help of a convenient wall mount, you can easily and quickly charge it, and the autonomy of this model is about 30 minutes, which is an extremely decent indicator for such a budget model.

A transparent dust bag gives you an excellent opportunity to check the level of its filling, and it is designed for 0.38 litres. You will also be pleasantly surprised by how easy the cleaning will be, especially considering that vacuum cleaners of such a small size usually show opposite results. The only thing that some may not like is the lack of indication of the battery charge. True, if there is an outlet nearby, then a 5-meter power cord will come to your rescue. The average current cost of this vacuum cleaner is at around 1,800 rubles.

Bosch BHN 20110

Another good compact option on our list is the Bosch BHN 20110. It is extremely convenient to hold, and the working capacity is enough to quickly get rid of every hair and a piece of dirt from your favourite sofa in time for the moment when relatives arrive. A slotted nozzle is also provided in the kit, which will help to cope with such inaccessible corners and gaps behind the sofa that it will achieve the highest quality results. This is a fairly lightweight and portable model that comes at an affordable optimal price, given how advanced it is compared to other peers on the market. Especially in the category of medium-budget options, to which it belongs.

As for the type of this model, it refers to cordless vacuum cleaners, and in this case, its autonomy is about 16 minutes. Yes, this is not the largest indicator among the devices presented in this small list, and yet this may be enough for quick cleaning to maintain cleanliness. The price at the moment is about 4,000 rubles on average.


In third place with this ranking is another model from the company BLACK + DECKER, which many may be better known for their tools. Nevertheless, the powerful BLACK + DECKER PV1820L handheld vacuum cleaner is definitely worthy of your attention, since this device borrowed all the boisterous energy of drills and saws and perfectly combined it in a useful portable machine that is designed to clean your house of dust and debris. The swivel design of the nozzle helps to get cracks and crevices in the easiest way you have ever used, while the cyclone filter provides maximum power throughout the cleaning process.

One of the quality disadvantages of any portable device with high power is mediocre autonomy. And in this case, at the peak of its strength, this vacuum cleaner will work up to 10 minutes, which, of course, is not impressive. But the time until it is fully charged takes only 240 minutes, which is a couple of times faster than other analogues presented. The capacity of the dust bag for this model is 0.44 litres. Well, the price tag will be about 5,500 rubles for today.

Hoover Rhapsody RA22ALG 019

The second place went to a no less interesting model, namely the Hoover Rhapsody RA22ALG 019 vacuum cleaner, which is one of two in this shortlist that is not entirely manual. No, of course, it is fully capable of functioning as a manual vacuum cleaner, but thanks to the presence of a composite suction pipe and a large number of complete nozzles, this is primarily a vertical cordless vacuum cleaner. By purchasing such a model you, in fact, get several types of devices in one, between which you can quickly and easily switch if necessary. This is an extremely high convenience and comfort that you can experience during the cleaning process.

Speaking of the delivery kit, it is worth noting that it is indeed very voluminous and in it, you will find a variety of nozzles like a crevice brush, furniture and shelf brushes, a dust brush, a motorized and mini-turbo brush, and other nozzles. As for the capacity, in this case, it is 0.7 litres, and the battery life, in this case, is within 35 minutes. Of course, such a universal model with a large number of nozzles and good functional features is not cheap, so be prepared for a price tag of about 10,100 rubles.

Dyson v8 absolute

Well, the leader in this rating was the Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner, which is not surprising, since the battery life of this model alone is about 40 minutes. Obviously, among all the options presented, this model is a premium-class vacuum cleaner, which, like the previous applicant, offers everything you need from a vacuum cleaner, it does not matter classic or modern, providing powerful suction, simple and efficient cleaning, and also enough high power. If you want - use it as a full-fledged vertical vacuum cleaner, but you want - as a manual one, all this will be available to you with this model.

It not only cleans the house but also cleans the air in the house. The HEPA filter system captures and holds the allergens present in your dust while releasing the cleanest air you have ever inhaled. Naturally, it will cost a little, but it is justified, especially considering the ability to clean any surface. And in terms of cost, its price tag reaches the mark of about 36,000 rubles on average.
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