Choosing an instant camera: TOP 5 best models of 2019

Instant printing cameras - devices are very specific and do not possess special popularity among a large number of users. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of photographs and want to feel some kind of nostalgia, then we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with this list of the best models of the current year in this category.

In the era of digital photography, there is one category of cameras that can inspire nostalgia by producing physical copies of your pictures immediately after they are taken. And despite the fact that in the modern market, instant printing cameras are probably the least popular among all types of cameras. However, this does not mean that they are not at all interested. A small demand only affects the fact that from year to year this category of cameras is replenished with new products but in very small quantities. And in comparison with the previous year, there really were not many of them. Nevertheless, those that debuted became an urgent and timely replacement for their predecessors.

As for the choice of such a camera, it may not be as simple as in the case of a regular or even professional one, since it goes beyond the calculation of the number of megapixels and degrees of increase. If you somehow evaluate instant printing cameras, then in most cases it comes down to “sensations”. Nevertheless, today we still want to draw your attention to several interesting and relevant models in this category, which will also be very useful if you were completely by accident going to get yourself a similar device.

How to choose an instant print camera

If you are looking to something small, light and inconspicuous, then you probably will not find anything like this in this category; however. These cameras also have a downside that will definitely become a virtue for those who like to stand out from the crowd. Many of the camera models in this category look a little strange, and you will surely attract a lot of attention by getting one of them in the park or at a party. But what exactly should you give attention to when buying it? Well, perhaps the most important aspect that you should pay special attention to when choosing such a camera is the type of film that it uses. There are several main types of film:
  • If we talk about them with decreasing popularity, then Instax film is the most popular at the moment. It is available both in the “Mini” format and in a larger version. The print quality is pretty decent, and the cameras themselves look pretty good.
  • Next is the classic Polaroid variant. The company itself has long ceased production of a square film, which you may remember from childhood or youth, but with the help of the Impossible Project, which now refers to itself as Polaroid Originals, it was returned to the shelves. The greatest appeal of this film for some users is that it is unpredictable (as they say - “charming”) by its nature, although it is very expensive.
  • Well, the last option is Zink (Zero Ink) paper, which you usually find in the cheaper price segment. Its principle of operation is to heat crystals in paper to obtain the colours needed for your picture. Given that it is cheaper than Instax and Polaroid, it is also slightly worse in quality.
It often seems that instant cameras are relatively cheap, and in fact, the upfront costs can actually be small. However, you should get into account the fact that every time you take (or print) a picture, it costs you money and in the long run, a considerable amount can come out. It’s difficult to choose one of the best instant printing cameras for everyone because what I alone will not be suitable for others, but we still advise you to pay attention to our small rating.

FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9

Available in a variety of rather strange colours, the FUJIFILM Instax Mini 9 is a very interesting way to liven up a party and bring a little nostalgia to it by taking a couple of instant photos. This camera accepts a compact Instax Mini film, which is perhaps a little less familiar, but still interesting in terms of creating such “gifts” in memory of special events. What doesn’t matter, whether it’s someone’s birthday or even a wedding, such a thing as photography can please anyone? This model does not have a screen, which makes the results a little unpredictable, enhancing the intrigue, and you definitely need a flash for satisfactory results when shooting indoors.

One of the biggest advantages of this camera, in addition to the film used, is, of course, its relatively affordable cost. And, for example, even if you are not a big fan of photography, this model is perfect for a gift to someone who is more interested in them. Its average price is about 5,400 rubles at the moment.

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

Another very interesting option in the Fujifilminstant printing camera category this year was the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6. This model is quite stylish, with the perfect combination of modern and retro designs, easy to use and to produce large square photos that will definitely delight. The camera is equipped with many creative shooting modes (including automatic, selfie, macro and landscape modes) and even colour filters for flash. If you need more creative control, you can manually adjust the exposure or even create double exposure to overlap two images on one.

This simplicity definitely affects the enjoyment of using the device, just take pictures and let the camera provide you with nice printed photos. The only small drawback may be that Square Instax is almost twice as expensive as the mini version, so you don’t want to waste it. As for the cost of this camera, it is about 10,000 rubles on average.

Lomo Instant Automat Glass

The third place in our modest rating list went to a rather interesting Lomo Instant Automat Glasscamera, which was literally created in order to satisfy all your creative needs. And what will be even more attractive in it for those who are just beginning to comprehend the basics of photography is the ability to set the shutter speed, as well as adjust the flash and aperture with the press of just one button. This automated process is available thanks to a unique three-stage focusing system. Nevertheless, in addition to automatic functions, it also has manual features that can reveal your full creative potential.

Despite the fact that this model is not the most affordable in our rating, it uses a mini-format film, which can be a little cheaper, but you still need to be careful with it. True, with such automation functions, this camera will be extremely easy to use for those who want to treat themselves to instant photos. Its average actual value is about 12,000 rubles.

Polaroid snap touch
The second position this time deservedly went to the device from the well-known Polaroid, namely the Polaroid Snap Touch model. And despite the fact that the Polaroid of the past, this camera has nothing in common, it is still able to interest a couple of other things. And first of all, this refers to the pleasant design of the device. In its form factor and other design features, you can find convenient and practical solutions such as a magnetic lens cap or curved edges, allowing the camera to be pleasantly and reliably located in your hand. Unlike the original Polaroid Snap, there is a touch screen with which you can preview your images, deciding to print photos or not.

Such a feature will allow you not only to develop your photography skills but also save a little on printing, avoiding photos that are unsuccessful in your opinion. And Zink paper, as we have already noted, is much cheaper than other films, although the quality, of course, is much lower. Nevertheless, at the moment, everyone who wants this camera will cost about 13,200 rubles on average.

Lomo Instant Square Combo

Well, the first place in our rating goes to a real sensation in the world of instant photo - the Lomo Instant Square Combo model, the money for the creation of which was successfully collected on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. This model is a fully analogue camera, which means they lack a display, and with it a preview of the resulting pictures, which uses Instax Square format film. By the way, the kit also has an additional special backdrop, which will provide you with the opportunity to use also a Mini format film. The collapsible design will probably sound a little unusual to someone, but no one is buying Lomo products to get something ordinary.

There are many different modes, but in fact, it is an automatic camera that provides truly amazing results. And if you are a kind of enthusiast in the field of instant photography and want to try out new ideas, then this camera may be one of the best options available now. Its price is currently at an average of 13,500 rubles.

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