Choosing a smart lock: TOP 5 best models in the winter of 2019

The security of your property is an important task. And today, in addition to security systems, smart door locks also act as a new level of care for her. Choosing one can be a bit problematic, as they have just begun to develop actively. And yet, today we want to talk specifically about them.

In most cases, a reliable entrance door with a high-quality lock is the first line of defence of your property from intruders and today. Ordinary locks are increasingly fading into the background. This is not surprising, since people have been locking their doors for several millennia, and the development of technology does not mean standstill. That is why today we want to talk about such market offers as smart locks. If you follow the development of technology and electronics at least a little, you probably know how fashionable it is now to add the prefix "smart" everywhere, if it comes to things we know that have become more technological. It all started with mobile phones, and now it has reached the elements of your home.

And since there are entire ecosystems of smart houses with many sensors, security systems, smart calls and other things, it would be strange if the category of smart locks did not arise against all this. Below, we will try to figure out with you what exactly they are, what it is worth paying more detailed attention to before buying, and what offers generally exist on the open spaces of the domestic market. One thing is certain. We will not see many of them since this category has just begun to develop a little more actively.

Key Features
Despite the fact that smart door locks are currently far from being in the widest assortment, they can already offer various unique features and their combinations. Among them, various management capabilities and opening options can be noted. This approach allows them to fit into various situations and meet certain preferences easily. For example, some models can be opened without a key, while others, on the contrary, will offer several options. There are those in the construction of which the digital touch screen is actively used. Other, more advanced and expensive models can even use voice authorization or read a fingerprint. Among them are models that do not require a network connection. Simply put, they have a lot of potential for further development.
At the same time, there are more complex smart locks that have more functionality, and therefore they need a certain type of connection to work, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Z-Wave. And if the first two are more or less clear, the latter is a patented wireless protocol designed specifically for automating the smart home ecosystem. Thus, the type of connection that will be available in your home, and partly on the distance, will also determine the smart lock itself, which you can use. Do not forget that the blocking radius of the signal reception also plays a role.

In fact, you should choose a reliable lock that will be more resistant to wear, provide remote access, and also be able to integrate with the smart home system for further automation. And it's just always nice to have a lock that combines a nice design and functionality. In addition, if you, for example, rent a house, a convenient design feature may be the presence of a touch or mechanical keyboard that allows you to change access codes. This is quite convenient, say when old tenants vacate their homes to change access before moving in new ones.

Security and hacking
Despite the fact that the overall security with the installation of a smart lock is significantly increased, many of you can still be disturbed by one reasonable question: can they be hacked? The answer is yes, it is possible but is it worth it? But to this question with greater confidence, you can provide a negative answer. After all, if you think about it from the point of view of an attacker, then breaking a smart lock will require a little more effort than just physical impact. Yes, and it would be much easier and faster to knock out a window. In addition, if there is no window nearby, then an ordinary thief and even more so do not have programming skills that can crack an encrypted system of smart locks. Thus, from a practical point of view, smart locks are unlikely to be functionally less reliable than conventional ones.
From all this, the following question rightly arises, namely: Can a smart lock replace a security system? And here, you will definitely hear a categorical "no." Indeed, even taking into account the fact that, in terms of reliability, they are not inferior to the traditional ones, smart locks will not stop anyone from entering your house through the same broken window or any other workaround. The only small advantage they can offer is that if someone breaks the lock, you can get a notification about this incident on your phone. However, if you are seriously puzzled by the complete safety of your home, then installing a smart lock alone will not be limited.

Main chips
As we have already said, the domestic market is not yet replete with a wide variety of smart locks, but this may change in the near future, and therefore it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the most useful features that a model you are looking for must be aware in advance, namely:
  • The presence of a keyboard for entering the code (so that guests do not need to install the application);
  • Door open notifications (especially useful when you are at work or away);
  • The ability to check the status using a smart assistant (integration with smart devices to provide additional information like checking if the door is locked before bedtime);
  • Using standard AA or AAA batteries with a minimum life of 3 months.

Nice additions
Of course, in addition to the vital features of devices such as smart locks, it's always nice to get some additional functional little things that simplify interaction with the lock. And here are some of the most practical ones:
  • Opening with a smartphone (regardless of the operating system) or a smartwatch, and not with a key or from a keyboard;
  • Personal or temporary access codes (so that you can provide someone with temporary access for a certain period);
  • Remote unlock from a smartphone away from home (if someone from your relatives or relatives need to log in).

TOP 5 best smart locks 2019

After we figured out the main features and chips of smart door locks, it's time to pay attention to the best models, among the current ones. Let them a number and is very limited at the moment.

H-Gang TR110
Our small rating list opens with one of the simplest but at the same time very high-quality and reliable models of H-Gang TR110 smart door locks. This model belongs to the type of consignment notes and consists of two parts: an external touch code panel and the innermost lock, which consists of a mechanism and a battery compartment. The nice and simple design of the external part allows the lock to fit into almost any interior, significantly increasing not only reliability but also the visual effect of the door. As you might guess, this model opens only in one way, namely by entering a predefined password in advance.

Protection against password guessing here implies a set of three random digits before entering it directly, which excludes a similar possibility of hacking. There is also an automatic lock that works within 3 seconds after closing the door. Among the additional features, we can distinguish a sensor for the occurrence of a fire, which turns on the siren in case of fire, which allows you to orient yourself in the smoke of a room. The average price of this model is about 9,000 rubles.

Like the previous model, Keywe smart lock is quite simple at first glance, which can not be said about its functionality. It also consists of two parts, one of which is a round-shaped touch code panel mounted on the outside, and the second is an internal clock with a bolt-and-bolt. True, the presence of a Bluetooth module in this model allowed expanding the possibilities of interaction, and in addition to entering a password, you can also open the lock using a smartphone (or tablet), which is also quite convenient in some situations. Moreover, the latter method involves remote unlocking within the range of the connection, which is possible thanks to a special application for iOS and Android.

Also, this companion application will provide access to various additional information, such as the status of the lock (open or closed), as well as a list of opening the lock via Bluetooth with the specified time. Well, the coolest thing is that if you have Internet access, you can manage the castle from almost anywhere in the world, providing temporary access to guests while you are away. Its price at the moment is about 15,000 rubles on average.

Xiaomi Loock Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock Classic
Of course, if we are talking about technologies, and even more so about smart devices, which include modern smart locks, then hardly any of the relevant categories can do without a model from the famous Xiaomi. Yes, this Chinese giant is developing in almost every branch, offering very interesting door locks, one of which was Xiaomi Loock Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock Classic. To say that this smart lock is reliable is to say nothing, since it has several levels of security, opening in four different ways. And if you already get used to entering the code and Bluetooth connection, then the fingerprint scanner that recognizes only live fingerprints is already at a completely different level. Oh yes, the fourth way to unlock is a regular key.

The presence of artificial intelligence, which is responsible for fingerprint recognition algorithms, greatly increases the overall reliability of the lock. And when you try to break it in (after 15 incorrect recognitions), the alarm will turn on. And this despite the fact that the registered fingerprints have a chance of error of less than 1 in 50,000 thousand attempts. On average, the current cost of this model is approximately 19,000 rubles.

Nest x Yale lock
Among the more expensive models, you definitely might like the Nest x Yale Lock, especially if you already use smart devices of this brand. Like some other models presented in this shortlist, this smart door lock has an external keypad that allows you to quickly and easily unlock the door without a key. You can also use the application to open and close the lock, only in this case it happens via a Wi-Fi connection. The only minor drawback of this lock as a smart device is the reluctance to integrate with other smart home systems except for Nest, which significantly narrows the circle of people interested in this model.

However, in general, this lock is extremely easy to install and has an attractive design. It is also available in several colours, so regardless of your taste and appearance of the front door, you can find the right solution. As for the price, it reaches an average of 24,000 rubles.

Igloohome Mortise
Well, the honourable first place went to the unique and highly reliable Igloohome Mortise smart door lock. Not only is it pleasant in appearance, but it is also quite functional that its owners can only do it. Despite the lack of such an advanced feature as a fingerprint sensor, this lock provides several options for opening: using a smartphone, entering the code on the touch panel and a special smart card. At the same time, the delivery kit contains ordinary keys, which, however, are hardly necessary to use with such an assortment of interactions.

The security system of the castle is also at a height and, for example, in case of fire, it will automatically open if the temperature inside the locked room exceeds + 70 ° ะก. Yes, and high-voltage impulses experienced crackers will not be able to harm this castle since it received improved protection against electrostatic discharges. And for everyone, it will cost about 30,000 rubles.

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